Set up delivery service | Benefit from the booming online trade

Online trading is booming. The current recession will not change that in the long term. Anyone who recognizes the possibility and offers services that are in high demand at an early stage can successfully become self-employed or even gradually build up a large company. A popular service is the delivery of goods. The more people buy online, the greater the need for delivery services. The delivery services grow with the online trade. But what are the chances if you want to set up a delivery service ?

Growing out of a niche

The history of the most successful online businesses has taught that it is worthwhile to focus on a niche when starting out on a job .Amazon started out as a mail order book company. It remains to be seen whether the stories about the doorbell in the garage that was rung every time a book sold, so that it had to be abolished after just a few weeks due to the high sales figures and the annoying ringing, are true. But it was initially about a niche. Amazon is now the world’s largest trading platform in terms of market value. Other story: Facebook. The social medium started as a network restricted to university members only. Now it is the most influential network in the world, which has also bought up other networks and is still buying them up.

For your own delivery service, this means that you should ideally initially focus on one industry or on a small selection of partner shops . In the beginning, for example, you could only deliver inexpensive, bulky furniture from online shops . Since the sales figures per product tend to be higher here than in other industries and the products require more storage space, you have the trolley full faster than with smaller items and at the same time a higher profit. Growing out of the niche of online furniture shops , you have plenty of prospects later to switch to larger or smaller products:

  • Statues
  • custom made
  • (Construction materials
  • Art transports
  • food
  • Documents
  • and much more

Info : The individual hurdles must always be observed. The suggestion to start with furniture stores is no coincidence. This is because, in contrast to building materials, furniture can be easily delivered in smaller quantities via partner shops. They are less heavy than statues. Compared to furniture, food has higher regulatory hurdles. For example, cold chains must be adhered to. Numerous partners are now demanding the most modern technology in order to be able to track compliance with the cold chains digitally.

The focus for you is therefore on the most barrier-free start possible from a niche. If furniture is too big for you and your vehicle, choose decorative items or flowers. As long as you keep it barrier-free for the start, motivation and success are favored.

Create a solid basis and do not shy away from investments

Create a solid foundation to get you started by reliably delivering to one or two shops . Even if you were able to do more: Avoid calculating too narrowly and risking the loss of clients. If you are familiar with two clients on the basis of these principles and have a constant order situation, then come the next steps. This includes expanding your own business . It is advisable to stay in the already familiar niche for the time being, but to increase the order book. If up to now two tours were driven every weekend as a part-time job, you can now think about doing your job full-time andaccept more orders or hire the first employee (s) . If it pays off for you, taking out a loan to expand your own delivery service can be helpful.

It is important that you do not shy away from any investment as your activity progresses. If you want to grow, you have to invest capital . The establishment and expansion of a delivery service are more demanding than some other start- ups , such as an ironing service or writing eBooks , due to additional vehicles for employees, the establishment of a web presence and the necessary running costs for insurance . The high demands result from the fact that you have an activity with physical presence and a large radius of action. As demanding as this is, the prospects for a good development of the company are also rich.

Sales prospects with the delivery service

Payment is based on the agreements with the online shops ., for example, is a platform that not only delivers, but also mediates buyers. Here pizza maker to pay according to a report by Handelsblatt 14% commission for brokering customers. Those who only deliver can expect lower income. However, this varies with the industry, as already mentioned the individual agreements with online shops and a variety of other factors:

  • Amount of one’s own work
  • Route planning
  • Number of employees
  • Vehicle wear and tear
  • Other costs (e.g. fuel, insurance)

People who are willing to put in a particularly high level of personal effort and also work more than eight hours a day will earn more. As a self-employed person, you are free to work as long and as often as you want . The self-employed often even have to make use of this at the beginning of the establishment in order to decisively advance the company. Over time, your own workload can be reduced because employees are hired. These relieve you of the effort, but in turn cost money. In the end, it’s all a question of correct management.


Anyone who compares income and expenses and also includes the costs that cannot be precisely defined (e.g. wear and tear of the vehicle) should arrive at a sum that suits them personally. The salary prospects are highly variable. Individuals can earn more than € 3,000 net per month with great effort. People who let their own delivery service grow into a large company have the prospect of five-digit amounts and more. In the beginning and in between, it is always important to compare the income and the expected costs. A business is only worthwhile if the income exceeds the expenses to an extent that is justified for you.

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